Have Yourselves a Bewitching Little Christmas

Ever since childhood, when I watched a steady diet of Bewitched reruns, I’ve held the belief that Elizabeth Montgomery is one of the most beautiful humans to ever grace this earth. While certainly a stunner, Montgomery also exuded great warmth and true inner beauty, both on and off screen. In old fashioned parlance, she was simply the bee’s knees. It’s a shame she left us so early at just 63 in 1995, after a brief illness.

As the benevolent, nose-twitching witch Samantha, she beamed into the living rooms of Gen-X children multiple times per week in reruns during the 1970s and 1980s. Bewitched was and still is perfect sitcom comfort food, and Samantha is one of the most beloved pop culture witches of all time.

So what’s a sorceress supreme like Samantha doing playing Santa’s helper in a series of 1960s pinup photos? Information on the origin of this Montgomery shoot is scant, or at least beyond my basic Google search talents, but when the results are this great, who cares how it all came to be. Like other female stars of the day, Montgomery did plenty of pinup shoots early in her career, including one that made for a truly classic album cover.

In the long history of Hollywood celebrities playing dress-up for Christmas-themed pictures, I’m not sure a photo set exists that tops Elizabeth Montgomery’s. Everything we all love about the late, great star is on display: startling, jaw-dropping beauty; shimmering golden locks; big, expressive eyes; legs that never end; and a winning personality that shines through in every single pose she strikes.

For me, it isn’t a proper Christmas season if I don’t see Elizabeth Montgomery hurryin’ down the chimney tonight. Usually some website or retro blog shares one or all of these photos every December. This year I’m taking the reins to Santa’s sled and steering us towards Queen Elizabeth, resplendent in red for Christmas. So consider this post my Bewitching gift to you and yours. Hope the last two weeks of the year treat you right. Happy holidays!

3 thoughts on “Have Yourselves a Bewitching Little Christmas

  1. I bet there were scores of teenage boys and unmarried men dreamin’ of Elizabeth Montgomery coming down the chimney after seeing those picks back in the day. I know I’d have been one of them had I seen them in high school. Happy Holidays Michael!!! And have a Merry Christmas!

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    1. If they had sold these as posters, I’m sure many of those fellas would’ve had them hanging on their walls too. Thank you, my friend! Merry Christmas to you as well!

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  2. She was incredibly beautiful and talented wasn’t she? I think about how great she was at physical comedy…her facial expressions were magnificent!! And who could forget the famous nose wiggle with accompanying sound effects. Merry Bewtiching Christmas Michael!!

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