Year End Stuff

It’s almost the final week of the year, an appropriate time to take inventory around here. I don’t usually spend much time viewing the site’s stats, but I just did and noticed one major thing: I’ve had more than twice as many posts this year, compared to last year. In the last three months alone I’ve posted 31 times. I only posted 27 times in all of 2021! It sure is nice to feel productive. Plus it makes paying to renew my domain name feel worth the money.

So long shoes, hello couch.

I’m mostly kicking back and relaxing the rest of 2022, but I have several half-baked ideas for future pop culture posts in 2023. Thanks to my scattered, neurodivergent brain, these ideas ping pong all over the place. Here are just a few I hope to work on next year. Some already exist in my drafts folder, while others are mere notions, impulses, whims, the stuff that only lives inside my overcrowded mind at the moment.

Pfeiffer Pfever

More Wolf and Laura Alden posts are a given in 2023.

I’ve got a pfever, and the only prescription is more Pfeiffer. Sorry, but I’ve been wanting to use that here for a while. So, yeah, big surprise, keep your eyes peeled for more Michelle Pfeiffer. I’d love to dig into some of her work I haven’t explored here much, if at all, like White Oleander, Stardust, and The Hollywood Knights to name just three. You can also expect more musings about all time pfavorites that I can never stop writing about, like Grease 2, Batman Returns, Wolf, Frankie and Johnny, Married to the Mob, The Fabulous Baker Boys (the movie from which this site derives its name), and many, many more.

The Sitcoms That Raised Me

Taxi taught me more about adulthood than almost anything else did during my childhood.

The classic era of the situational comedy on television, the 1960s through the early 1990s, after which point the form started to morph into something altogether unlikable for me. That’s why long ago I declared the format dead. But the great sitcoms of the Golden Age live on, and many of them not only positively influenced the person I grew up to be, but also led me to write about them in the late 2020 book Tonight, On A Very Special Episode, Volume 1. My essays are about episodes of two of my top five favorite sitcoms ever, Taxi (on page 322) and WKRP in Cincinnati (page 262). Seeing as I love those sitcoms so much, and can critically analyze them enough to be published in a book about them, I should probably share my thoughts on them here more often, no?

Good Morning, Angels

See you in the new year, Angels.

The original 1976-1981 series Charlie’s Angels deserves more of a spotlight here too. It’s easily one of my favorite shows, I used to play-act it with my three girl cousins when we were kids (I was Bosley, natch), and I’d still rather watch it than most of the “prestige” dramas streaming today. I adore everything about the series—including Kate Jackson as Sabrina—and would love to share that joy here a little more often.

So Bad They’re Good

The Heather Thomas post has the second most page views of 2022. Never underestimate an ‘80s legend.

Look for more Bad Girls We Love, a series that only had two entries in 2022—but both of them were among the ten most viewed posts of the year. I already have a few more drafted and almost ready to join them early next year. If you have any suggestions for future characters to spotlight in this series, let me know!

Queen Bettie

Trimming the tree, Bettie-style.

Bettie Page. April 22nd will be Bettie’s 100th birthday, so you best believe the Queen of Pinups will keep popping up around here in 2023.

When Bombshells Ruled the Earth

They sure broke the mold after Marilyn Monroe.

I’ve long been fascinated by the Old Hollywood Bombshells—including of course those of the blonde variety, like my fave Marilyn. I’m also curious about how the “bombshell” tag affected these actresses, both professionally and personally.

Susie Diamond, like Stephanie Zinone, is a girl for all seasons.

Yikes, that’s a lot. Well, let’s see how many of those ideas I can make a reality here in 2023. Stay tuned.

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